Electropunkrock Ride


For those not yet in the loop, we’ve evolved a bit since 2006. We realized that we should leave the expertise at tinkering with broken electronics to the experienced circuit benders, so we’re not using circuit-bent instruments live anymore, probably except for sampling in the studio. We started to recently put in more cheap vintage analogue synths in the live setup. While we love dance-oriented styles in electronic music, we feel that it is not exactly the direction we can be very productive in or passionate about. You know, different strokes for different folks.

This has always been about a rock’n’roll band that just happens to have mostly synthesizers, drum machines and samplers as its instruments, which just happens to be played by one person in studio, but now there is one guy who plays a lot of the instruments and sings, and a session keyboardist was recruited to make the live sound more dynamic and full. We are not defined just by being ‘electronic’ just as a punk band was never called a ‘guitar’ band. We don’t think in terms of ‘hey, let’s play this-or-that genre!’. The songs were always the focus of everything we’ve done, and that is what we’ll keep delivering.

We are constantly changing, improving and upgrading. Thank you for taking the ride with us until now. There will be more changes in the future, and it is our hope that you’ll be around when it happens, so we have your company to share the experience with.

Lots of love,