“This time we meet one of the most promising electro/synthpop artists [in the Philippines], Cerumentric, two-time nominee for Best Dance/Electro Act in the Asian Voice Independent Music Awards. With a fresh dance-oriented nu-disco style, Bleeding Into My Dreams easily makes us move following the rhythm of the frenetic -almost spacey- synths during the whole 7 minutes long, which in fact seems short to me.”

101 Great Electronic Songs Around The World

“What I love most about Cerumentric is its consistent delivery of infectious beats and fresh melodies that perfectly compliments brilliant lyrics. ‘Beloved Beautiful Noise’ is undoubtedly one of Cerumentric’s best work. Erick is on the top of his game and has clearly outdone himself…again.”

Jo Pas
 – avid reader, music enthusiast, and animal lover from Arizona

“CERUMENTRIC’s tracks are always a breath of fresh air in the Filipino electronica scene. His latest release is a sure testament to that. Mashing oldskool technopop reminiscent of Yellow Magic Orchestra on the title track (“Beloved Beautiful Noise”) and mid-period Depeche Mode and OMD on “Where Is God When It Hurts”, with its abrasive synths and whiplash-inducing drum beats and glitchy patches (imagine Sonic Youth armed with a laptop, perhaps), melded with an over-all dense production technique akin to the late Martin Hannett’s work with New Order. Needless to say, it’s all right up my noisy alley.  The EP’s title says it all, so fasten your earbuds on.”

Bong Tan
FoodShelterAndClothing/ The Roadside Bums/ SSS Records

“If there’s any justice left in this world, Cerumentric’s new single “Beloved Beautiful Noise” will keep  you swooning from Halloween towards the end of summer, holding up against some of the finest modern synth-pop releases in the last two years. It’s no Cut Copy or a raved up Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, but it threads on similarly forested terrain, pounding on heavy industrial synthesizers and sunshiney gloom with a utopian disco stomp from 1983, and though that sound was heavily rehashed by blog-era bands partying at the shimmery end of indie, nobody does it quite refreshing and brooding like Cerumentric.”

Ian Urrutia
Vandals On The Wall

“CERUMENTRIC’s premise is simple. Play rock ‘ roll, and replace the traditional instruments with synths, keyboards, toy pianos and probably Sonic running around grabbing gold rings. And oh, play all the instruments yourself. In the hands of less talented musicians and composers, this would have gone down like a piece of brick in the ocean, but with Erick Fabian, it works wonderfully.”

Jay M. Johar

Planes & Copters


“Wielding electropop that is half early Depeche Mode and half Erasure, Cerumentric uses music as his vehicle of expression and outrage…he uses synthpop to be punk…angsty expressions of rage and isolation, peppered by loud, distorted keyboard melodies and dizzying delay effects. Punk music with a casiotone and a PC. Gotta love it!”

Lionel Valdellon, producer, sound designer and veteran Filipino electronica artist (Acid42)

“[CERUMENTRIC’s music is]…predominantly made up of unconventional pop sounds, the rich and colorful arrangements are ear-grabbing. The songs are mainly sung in a manner that deviates from the soft romantic singing or impersonal robot-like voice reminiscent of synthpop, heard in a way that is wave-like and emotional. The singing has an unsteady characteristic, I think, but the music has huge melodies! This kind of pop music can become popular.” (translated from Japanese text)

BUG, a Japanese music blogger for Urban Guitar Sayonara (