Two New Songs, 10th Year, New Lineup And More

We had two new songs out last September 26th! That’s how we celebrated CERUMENTRIC’s 10th year.

The latest lineup consists of me on vocals, synths, and loops, and Migs Amper and JP Nufable, on samplers, keyboards, and effects, respectively. We are working on expanding into a fuller band-like setup as time and budget would allow. Our instruments are old and rickety, but we’re doing our best. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t.

As we would like to get to know you and all the people who listen to our music, please do try to join us on Facebook and tell us what you think. Feel free to ask questions as well. I’ll answer them the best way I could, but please make it easy and comfortable for me — make your messages decent and polite, because that’s what I as a person and musician aspire to all the time. 🙂

We are thankful to Amnesty International Philippines for the opportunity to use our music to promote human rights. Mei and Mika of AI deserve medals for doing their best to organize this huge open air event in Quezon City Circle last October 15, 2016. Big thanks to Kris Tek of Killratio and St.Imier Resource Center-Cavite for getting us lined up with some of the Philippines’ best groundbreaking musical acts.

We are thankful to the people of Frequency Asia and Unite Asia for helping us get more listeners all over Asia. These are people who work thanklessly to get good music noticed, music you don’t get to hear on your TV or the shopping mall.
We are thankful to Vandals On The Wall for giving objective reviews of our music and for getting our new songs heard by a bigger audience than what we can reach on our own.

Personally I don’t feel comfortable posting more intimate details in a public blog, but if you’re following our music, you’d have a slight idea where we are taking this boat. In the end, we are thankful that motivation comes back from time to time, even if we are regularly gigging as much as we’d like — because constant gigging and touring means broken instruments, and boy, have  I broken a few along the way, considering that most cheap electronic instruments have yet to reach the sturdiness and craftsmanship level of the guitar.

So anyway, that’s all for now. You know where to find us. 🙂
-Erick F


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