Not So Ambient, Dying In Obscurity, and Future Nerds

It’s turning out that what I intended as an ambient music side project is becoming less ambient and more like a slasher B-movie music score. I signed up for the RPM Challenge of coming up with ten tracks before February is over and I’m figuratively running around like a headless chicken.

That’s what I get for being a recovering procrastinator.

I’m currently working on loops from really obscure Latin music and Filipino funk/disco records for this side project called Canfreed. It will be the second album that I’ll do for this alternate moniker, and it’s a good break from the high expectations that has turned into CERUMENTRIC.

The idea is to mangle them beyond recognition that only a pedant familiar with the 1970’s Filipino and Latin music scenes, with an extremely patient ear, and a lot of time in their hands, will recognize which original recordings they came from.

I’ve made sure that the samples are from bands/artists that only made one or two recordings from that era, and whose members are either retired, doing other things besides music, or dead.

In a way, it is my tribute to them, as it is also a personal reminder that it is highly possible that I’ll go their way when I pass away — one of those unsung dreamers that only pops up in nostalgic conversations that can hardly recall at least one song.

It will be discovered by the nerds, outcasts, and the other outsiders of the future, and hopefully, they will build up on my work and make my dreams theirs, and reach millions where I have failed.


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