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Hi, I’m Erick A. Fabian, Sr. and I play for a Filipino electro-punk band called CERUMENTRIC. My band has been nominated twice as Best Dance/Electro Act in the Asian Voice Independent Music Awards. We have also played as opening band to premier Asian indie acts such as PSYDOLL (Japan), Bottlesmoker (Indonesia), and Turbo Goth (Philippines/USA).

My music is free to download; just type ‘0’ (zero) after clicking ‘Buy Now’ and provide an email address via our Bandcamp: http://cerumentric.bandcamp.com/

Aside from being a musician, I am also a journalist, writer, graphic artist, record producer, sound designer, score composer, cook, web consultant, and a full-time dad. I have been writing songs since I was 13. I have been a musician for more than 20 years, and have taught myself to play musical instruments and make recordings over those years. To support myself, my music, and my family, I worked several office and freelance jobs that included content writing, graphic design, web design, managerial work, customer service, and clerical work. My wife Miam has always been supportive of my endeavors, and even made herself a part of it as my manager and booking agent. I’ve never been luckier.

It has been eight years since I put out the first CERUMENTRIC songs on MySpace and Soundcloud. I would love to keep doing music until I cannot walk anymore, because music has always been my first love. Your kind support will enable me to save and source funds to repair my instruments (they do get old), maintain my music gear (they easily get worn on the road), upgrade my home studio (right now it is one corner of our bedroom), buy new quality instruments and gear when the old ones break beyond repair, record new music, and keep making art that will inspire and uplift you and others who listen to my music. Your continued support will also help me take CERUMENTRIC and my music to the next level. It’s all up to you.


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