Editing A New Song At 4AM

My mind is at its most clear either late at night or really early in the morning. The new song is almost done, and I’m working on the closing part at the moment. It’s easy for me to start writing a song; the challenge is when and how to cut it short so that listeners will not be bored to death. If I don’t set limits, I’d end up turning every song into an album-length solo jam. Somebody has to stop me from overindulging. You also get a peek at the corner of our room that I use as my studio. It’s a messy place – I’m always tinkering or fixing old devices. For those wondering how my wife and baby are not bothered, I use headphones. It’s not the most accurate way to mix audio, but the post-production work comes in later when everything’s wrapped up. For that, I have to exercise a lot of self-control because I keep spotting mistakes and errors as I compose and edit. In my case, my musical perfectionist tendencies is a disadvantage.

Please see the video at http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=1361690


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