Two Albums and Other Things

I ended up producing two albums’ worth of music since I started out being CERUMENTRIC in 2007. As some of you reading this already know, the titles are, in release order, ‘Favor To The Disenchanted’ and ‘The Progress Of The Transplant’.

Next week will probably see the pressing (or rather, burning) of the first batch of copies. If anyone is interested in advance ordering (Philippines only), just post your comment with contact info. Probably no one is (pessimistic but true), but just in case. 🙂

selftitled EP

I have also released an EP as The EffortLess Crusade. It’s for FREE DOWNLOAD (another item to be taken for granted by tantrummy post-adolescents, elitist geeks, gadget-humpers and sociopathic otaku-nerds. Just kidding.) See info here:The EffortLess Crusade-FREE_DOWNLOAD

My son has just started school, so I’m quite busy all week, apart from recording new tracks for an up-and-coming CERUMENTRIC EP. My studio workstation (e.g. desktop and a few pieces of sound gear) has improved a bit, and I am now able to record decent vocals thanks to my good friend Lernie’s donation (a used but very hardy Shure SM58 mic that we have extensively used since 1995).

‘An Analogue Embrace’ is also up for listening and download in NOKIA IAC ( . Please vote and place comments if you can. Thanks for the people in Thailand (esp. GoodKnife-; who uploaded ‘Sit Back And Watch’ in IMEEM), Vietnam and Malaysia where I had the most IAC downloads and plays. I may not know you all, but your support is invaluable. 

Many thanks to Paolo O. Cruz-ipisdei for updating the CERUMENTRIC Last.FM profile and including the song tracks in his ‘scrobbles’. 


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